Meg's Smile Foundation Presents:

Austin’s Lift

Austin is a fourteen-year-old boy from Zebulon. Austin suffers from a Cerebral hemorrhage which has left him immobile and requiring constant care. Austin loves to swim and be in the water but because of him being wheelchair-bound, it is extremely difficult. Austin’s family requested a lift that would allow Austin to enjoy his family’s hot tub.

Our friends from GMA Supply installed a commercial-grade lift outside of Austin’s hot tub that will now allow him to do what he loves.

Austin’s Mom sent us this note,” The lift has been amazing! He loves the water so much. He always smiles and seems excited when we get him in. We have a swimming ring that goes around his neck and he can move around in the water. It’s the one place he is free. Having an easy way to get him in is amazing! This summer when he is out of school – a nurse and I will be able to get him in it! That would not have happened without your amazing philanthropy. Thank you for all you do to help children. You made my son’s life better and enabled him to have access to his favorite activity. It has therapeutic value as well as enjoyment for him!”

Thank you for helping us grant Austin his “smile.”

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