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About Our Cause

Meg’s Smile Foundation is a 501 c3 charitable organization that provides special days out or gifts to children, teens, and young adults affected by serious illnesses who live in North Carolina or who are treated in North Carolina hospitals. Our mission is to bring smiles to the faces of these children and their families while they are going through what can be a very long and emotional journey.

Meg’s Smile Foundation was founded by Jim and Terri Wasley in memory of their daughter Meg, who passed away from a brain tumor in January 2011, at 8 years old. Jim and Terri were determined to keep Meg’s memory alive and turned their heartache into hope for other children and their families. With the creation of Meg’s Smile Foundation, Jim and Terri are making a difference in children, teens, and young adults’ lives by providing a special day, or, “Smile” to children, teens, and young adults affected by serious illnesses.

Fun Facts

Fact #1

Each “Smile” is designed around the person’s interests and physical capabilities in an effort to make the day or gift as fun and special for the child, teen, or young adult as possible.

Fact #2

In the Foundation’s short existence, it has provided many “Smiles” to children, teens, and young adults in need. It is the Foundation’s goal to provide 12 “Smiles” each year, however we have exceeded this goal each year since the Foundations existence due to the generous support we have been given.

Fact #3

Meg’s Smile Foundation collaborates with local hospitals, businesses, organizations and other non-profits whenever possible to make best use of the donations given to our Foundation.

Fact #4

Meg’s Smile Foundation holds several fundraising events throughout the year including the Annual MSF Golf Tournament and Auction Event.

Fact #5

Meg’s Smile Foundation is run solely by volunteers.

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